1. roserayne:

    A humanization/gijinka of flyingheru/ herudito dragons Wikka and Sigma on FR! You gave me a free range so I just went with my instincts if you want me to change something just say so! :)


  2. roserayne:

    Inspired to draw rocks today by shoomlah! This is actually my first time doing something like this so not bad at all!! 

    Also decided to toss on some color last minute.


    (Source: art.roserayne.com)


  3. roserayne:

    trying a really quick speedpaint, 20 Mins


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    furiouskitten asked: HARRY!! POTTER!!!

    My favorite character changes from day to day but Ginny Weasley is always in the top three! :)


  5. roserayne:

    I combined like three different art styles in here ha ha.


  6. roserayne:

    I attempted an Aladdin paintover for like 2 hours before I gave up. xD

    I’ll try again later with perhaps a different scene or movie. (or a character that doesn’t have black hair as I’m not good at shading to begin with. xD)

    (Source: art.roserayne.com)


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    Another Sailor Moon redraw! Screencap from here!

    (Source: art.roserayne.com)


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    Today’s sketch/doodle! Based on this picture!


  10. roserayne:

    You needn’t be Ella, if you don’t wish to be.

    I love Ella Enchanted so much buy I avoid looking for fanart for it because of the blatant whitewashing of Charmont, who is explicitly stated in text as having dark skin.

    Also, bonus Disney!Charmont