1. roserayne:

    I attempted an Aladdin paintover for like 2 hours before I gave up. xD

    I’ll try again later with perhaps a different scene or movie. (or a character that doesn’t have black hair as I’m not good at shading to begin with. xD)

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    Another Sailor Moon redraw! Screencap from here!

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    I commend my soul to any god that can find it

    Just a quick sketch of Moist!! I haven’t exactly figured out what I picture him as but this is pretty close.


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  5. roserayne:

    Today’s sketch/doodle! Based on this picture!


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    You needn’t be Ella, if you don’t wish to be.

    I love Ella Enchanted so much buy I avoid looking for fanart for it because of the blatant whitewashing of Charmont, who is explicitly stated in text as having dark skin.

    Also, bonus Disney!Charmont



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    All I have time for today~


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    Some more sketches! Except unlike the Galleria Mall in Milan, this is just the view from my gallery xDD. Also the sketches were done with a Sharpie pen and the colors PS.

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    I was practicing drawing buildings and hahsdksajd you can only get better right??


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    And today’s warmdown is a mermaid because we all know it only takes me ten minutes to draw a mermaid!