1. roseraynefr:

    Fullbody sketch commission for lucatrifr! :) I hope you like it!

    I’ll be opening my art shop tomorrow if anyone wants to be added to the ping list! :)

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  2. roseraynefr:

    I usually draw my skydancers all regal and haughty but for a change I wanted to draw one being goofy and silly! This is my birthday baby, Peridot! (Minus the smoke tert because this is just a doodle) Eventually I’m going to get her the full golden silks set.


  3. roseraynefr:

    My Iolanthe~ I got her the Ruby Gems accent by @verceri~ It’s so over the top it suits her so well. xD

    I wanted the Amber Accent but that sold out by the time I sold enough stuff from my hoard to get treasure~ though this suits her rather well anyways!


  4. roseraynefr:

    I got that cute bird thing for my Eclipse so naturally I had to draw her. XD


  5. roseraynefr:

    "While matching facial scars are such a cute couple idea make sure you go to the healer before you go to relax

    A quick doodle of my coli team that got out of hand. Ha.

    Banan and Pumpkin are cousins in my headcanon. And she’s sorta dating Shadow.


  6. roserayne:

    It’s sweater season!!


  7. I haven’t painted in a long time. Ah

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  8. roseraynefr:

    A gijinka bust for heroicflightrising of their Alexandrine!


  9. roseraynefr:

    Dawn for syncrising! I hope you like it!

    Let me know if the background is too much, I like bright colors but ymmv~

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  10. A quick doodle of Nani I did the other night~

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